Who We Are

MorAnimation is a company with an innovative and flexible vision. Our services range from supplying custom theming, animation and automation. We rely on our wits and experience, our wide spectrum of computer skills, and the ability to merge new technologies with new solutions:

It’s the process we enjoy... the client, our focus

MorAnimation has been involved in cutting-edge projects in web and publishing. Tim's career in CAD Management, and introduction to computers and computer graphics in the early 1980's, led to enabling websites on the Internet. We launched Hillier Architect's first website in 1996. Teaming with their graphics department we programmed their second iteration of the website in 1998. Late in 1998, we introduced Flash as a basis for their third iteration.

Tim continued to balance CAD managment and web development, as well as gaining skills in 2D, 3D and animation through the first ten years of the start of the new millenium.
In 2009, as architecture fell apart, his job as a 2D/3D Logistics illustrator came to an abrupt halt. With a new team, we embarked on an intensive immersion in a relatively new content management system for websites. The team's experience and wide knowledge provides a new facet and fresh outlook to accomplish innovative solutions in web content management and automated catalog publishing. Recent focus on Content Management Systems using Drupal has allowed us to enable companies to re-purpose their data assets. We studied under the best in Drupal at DrupalConSF 2010 in San Francisco and DrupalCon Chicago 2011!
As Drupal begins its second decade, we are proud to be part of this worldwide community of programmers, developers, and themers...